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Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 12 Scream


Hey there! So how’s everyone doing after the end of Attack On Titan season 2? We  got a mix of everything in the finale – deaths, action, new reveals, new alliances, drama, some Levi, … But why does it still feel like something is missing? The whole time I never had a feeling this was the season finale episode, though it was loaded with important moments! Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 12 Scream”


Summer TV shows on my watchlist!

Hey there! So I kinda promised this blog won’t be all anime. Though I have to admit, I love writing about anime and then I sort of lack more time to do anything else around here. This post however was a must for me! I was usually very sad that my favourite TV shows ended in May and there was nothing worth watching during summer. The last couple of years though delivered some amazing shows that actually start in May or June! So check out what I’ll be watching this summer! Continue reading “Summer TV shows on my watchlist!”

Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 11 Charge

Hey there! Can’t wait for the season to end because it’s boring or can’t wait for the final episode, because you hope they will finally deliver some answers? Don’t hold your breath though, so far the answers have been sparse and repeating at best. Either way, here are my thoughts on episode 11.  Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 11 Charge”

Attack On Titan Season 2 EP 10 – Children

Hello! The last quarter of the season has started with a very revealing episode 10, called Children. At first I wasn’t very pleased with another back story taking up the majority of the 20 minutes time frame, but all in all, story wise this was one of the best episodes of the season so far! Check out the new reveals! Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 EP 10 – Children”

Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 8 The Hunters & EP 9 Opening

Hello! After a super action packed episode 7 follow two, calmer and steady but still pretty solid episodes – episode 8 The Hunters and episode 9 Opening.  Episode 8 offers a step back and we get to see some in-depth explanation about the relationship between Eren and Mikasa, as well as the major difference between Survey Corp and Military Police. Hoping episode 9 would move on and explain some more, we don’t really get any new informations. Also again, another non action based episode. They are not slow and boring though! Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 8 The Hunters & EP 9 Opening”

Attack On Titan Season 2 – Episode 7 Close Combat

Hello! As expected from the latest episode, Close combat, it delivers just that – a lot of action, combat, strategy and a lot of god damn flashbacks!  The epic showdown still prevails and the episode is one of my favourite so far this season! Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – Episode 7 Close Combat”

Attack On Titan – Season 2 EP 6 Warrior

Hello! Fresh thoughts and impressions right after watching the latest episode! We are half way done with season two and I must say I am a bit disappointed because of the slow pace! Nothing much happens overall in the six episodes, though we do get some major reveals! Episode 6 serves up some more titans in the most unusual way! I knew it, I was right, my suspicions have been confirmed – there were more titans right in the middle of Survey Corp! The betrayal is deep and makes me rethink a lot of the scenes from season 1! Continue reading “Attack On Titan – Season 2 EP 6 Warrior”

Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 5 Historia

Hello! Welcome back to another short review of Attack On Titan episode. We are almost in the middle of season two and the show just stopped to a crawl! Big reveal in the episode five, called Historia, still couldn’t nudge the episode to move faster. We get to see the back story to Ymir and Christa and as much as I liked it, I still wished they would show something more. Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 5 Historia”

Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 4 Soldier

Hello again!  Last minute quick thoughts about Shingeki no Kyojin latest episode – episode four, named Soldier. I really just want to scream – I knew, I knew, I knew it! I was right! A big reveal at the end of the episode finally confirmed my suspicions! Also, this episode was cruel. Dawn right cruel and sad and really just tries to break your heart.  Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 4 Soldier”

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