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April 2017

Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 4 Soldier

Hello again! Β Last minute quick thoughts about Shingeki no Kyojin latest episode – episode four, named Soldier. I really just want to scream – I knew, I knew, I knew it! I was right! A big reveal at the end of the episode finally confirmed my suspicions! Also, this episode was cruel. Dawn right cruel and sad and really just tries to break your heart.Β  Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 4 Soldier”

Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 3 Southwestward

Hello! Another Saturday and a brand new episode of Attack on Titan! If the first two episodes have been hard and the body count was getting high, this week they diverted to adding some more questions! Yay, we love new questions, don’t we? πŸ˜› The episode starts back with Connie in the now deserted village and a half formed titan on top of his house. We also get an intriguing dialog between Ymir and Christa, but will have to wait a bit longer to get anything properly explained. The Survey Corp are still kept in the dark, but pastor Nick finally gives away a very tiny piece of information! Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 3 Southwestward”

iZombie – Season 3 EP 1 Heaven Just Got A Little Bit Smoother & EP 2 Zombie knows best

Yeey, finally a fun TV show is back! I watched iZombieΒ from the start, back in 2015 and I am really glad the third season is finally out! This is one of my guilty pleasure TV shows I like to watch just for the fun of it and it always delivers! The third season starts right where they left off and new players come to light. Will we see a zombie apocalypse this season? Continue reading “iZombie – Season 3 EP 1 Heaven Just Got A Little Bit Smoother & EP 2 Zombie knows best”

Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 1 Beast Titan & EP 2 I’m Home


Hello! Finally, finally, FINALLY! It is here and the first two episodes have gone live! I was soo happy and excited that the relase date 1st of April wasn’t just a joke! We have all waited for so long to get our fix of Attack On Titan that it would really make me mad if they would have posted a fake release date! If you do not know what Attack On Titan is yet, I would best describe it as killer action anime that presents very distinct fantasy world where human race is threatened by titans. The nearly four year wait finally delivers a new opening theme and some flashbacks to some of the most important scenes from season one. Of course they don’t just start off directly from the major cliffhanger, they make you wait and introduce a new story arc and than the game is on!Β  Continue reading “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 1 Beast Titan & EP 2 I’m Home”

Let’s talk about Taboo


Hello! I have finished watching the last episode of one of the latest TV shows on HBO – Taboo, for like the third time. I was attracted to it from the first photo I saw about it – black and white, raven feathers in the background! It seemed so dark and even gothic I was instantly interested and watched trailer. It’s unlike most of the TV shows I usually watch and it really appealed to me with the dark vibe. It’s a drama series in eight parts, set in 1814. The story follows James Delaney who returns to England right on time to catch his fathers funeral. The fact he was believed dead and returnes alive starts a stir in the society and drama starts to follow him.

Continue reading “Let’s talk about Taboo”

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