Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 1 Beast Titan & EP 2 I’m Home


Hello! Finally, finally, FINALLY! It is here and the first two episodes have gone live! I was soo happy and excited that the relase date 1st of April wasn’t just a joke! We have all waited for so long to get our fix of Attack On Titan that it would really make me mad if they would have posted a fake release date! If you do not know what Attack On Titan is yet, I would best describe it as killer action anime that presents very distinct fantasy world where human race is threatened by titans. The nearly four year wait finally delivers a new opening theme and some flashbacks to some of the most important scenes from season one. Of course they don’t just start off directly from the major cliffhanger, they make you wait and introduce a new story arc and than the game is on! 

First off, let’s get this out – I love Attack On Titan, I have loved it from the firts episode, however I have not read the manga, just watched the anime. The design of titans is just soo wrong, misshapen creatures, that it repels me and attracts me at the same time. I was also easily turned into caring for  the two main characters, Eren and Mikasa and what happens to the two, so now I want to know more and more. They have presented the rest of the main characters so well, Armin, Erwin and Levi are all very well done and are more than just usual supporting characters to me. The animation is super top-notch, the scenes of action and horror are made so well!

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I feel like Attack On Titan likes to make people confused or wondering too many questions at once, haha! From the start they show a titan in the wall! Not like inside the city, but inside the wall that was supposed to protect the humans. Wait, what, why??? And than pastor Nick’s statement – whatever you do, don’t let it get into the sun? Again why? If you already love the show, then I am sure you will get intrigued from the start! Hange Zoe and the other  Survey Corp members  discover the titan inside the wall and Zoe tries to get answers from pastor Nick (Church of the Walls), but he doesn’t feel like talking. He would rather die than talk, making me wonder what the hell have they done to make them so scared and tightmouthed. So the season starts with so much suspense and I am so impatient to get some answers! The question that really got me thinking was Zoe’s – “Are all the walls made of titans?”. Some strong foreshadowing here!

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The other Survey Corp they show are waiting separately at Wall Sina and are not allowed to train or wear full gear, making them restless and wondering what is wrong. They don’t get much time to wonder as titans are about to attack them and they need to flee. Mike decides to sacrifice himself to distract them and fight them. However he doesn’t expect to fight one really big titan covered with hair. And he is not like any other titan, he talks and commands others! He asks him questions and wants to know about the weapon he uses to kill them, the maneuvering equipment. I was watching with my mouth open, because they have never hinted before that titans could be that intelligent. As you can imagine, Mike dies horribly and the scene really made me stomach turn.

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I was expecting more of our favourite characters to appear in the first episode – Eren, Mikasa and  Armin, Levi and Erwin. But they have decided to include more the supporting characters making them lead the first episode, which may have dissapointed some of the viewers. Personally, I was hoping they will go straight back to them but it got interesting from the start so somewehere after first 8 -10 minutes I was like, where is everyone? No one survived? Interesting they decided to use other characters to be the ones driving the start of new season, also probably we can expect more of them in the future! Anyway they show them and we get the confirmation they are all alive and fine, so at least we get that.

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By the end of the first episode I got to question and worry a lot again! I am interested to see what the Wall Cult knows, but doesn’t want to share? Is there some major corruption going on and how deep does it go? What the hell have they done and why are they keeping it a secret? How and why did the titans breach Wall Rose? Killing characters from the start – where will it end and who will survive?

Second episode is named “I’m home”, but after watching the episode I again feel kinda sick. The second episode doesn’t slack off and keeps up with the pacing and suspense of the first episode. Sasha and Connie both head home, but what they get for that is not good at all. At Stohess District the gang is getting ready to leave for Wall Rose and check out what is going on there. The dialog here gives us some insight, finally! Armin is the smart one here and he’s asking weather the titans would attack a wall with the titans inside, would they attack their own? He is the only one who points out that the walls around their cities have no crevices between the rocks or any other signs of cracking, therefore they can not really tell how they are made. He wonders exactly what I was thinking – what of the walls are made from something similar as the titans, like their hardened skin? He thinks back on Annie, the female titan they have captured at the end of season one, who after capturing encases herself and protects herself, meaning that titans skin can have more uses and can be versatile. If the walls are all really made of titans and some knew about it and kept this hidden, how deep does the treachery go? Have they also caused the devastation and the need to protect the humankind in the first place?

As they are getting ready to go, Henge decides to take pastor Nick with them , to show him for what the scouts are dying for and maybe he will change his mind about not telling everyone what he knows. Their so called friendship was definitely one of the highlights of the episode.

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What really surprised me was Sasha going home and coming to a desserted village, where she finds a titan having a snack on some poor womans leg while her kid watches. This wouldn’t be a big thing, but the titan was small, inside the house and the kid was just in shock I guess, not moving away at all! Just before this, we are shown some flashbacks where Sasha just can’t stop eating, even raw meat and it made me thinking if she turns into a titan she will eat literally everything! She is shown back when she felt ashamed of her roots and even her accent, she tries to hide it but at the same time she can not let go of being a hunter. She resents people coming from Wall Maria to Wall Rose, as the food is getting scarce and she is always hungry. Her father tries to explain to her that people just have nowhere else to go and that she would be forced to do the same. Also her dads delivers a speech that rings so true  – “If you’re not there for them, don’t expect them to be there for you”. If you want, you can see some references to the modern world as it is now, xenophobia against your own and stigma. However, her story ends well. She defeats a titan, saves the little girl, her family and friends are safe.

Unfortunatelly, Connie is not that lucky. When he gets back the village is deserted and right on top of his house is a fat titan with very small and weak limbs. No one can explain how he even got there, as it is obvious he can not move. I am guessing someone changed into titan, half formed, similarly as it happened to Eren when he first turned and tried to protect his loved ones in first season?

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Final verdict – I love it! I have so many new questions though!! I really hope next two episodes will be more revealing! There will be only 12 episodes in this season, so it will end way too soon for my taste! However I am so happy this is not Netflix, dropping all episodes like bomb and I can get a breather and rewatch again before the next episode hits! The opening theme is different but still feels like a war song, I really like it. Plus – funny moment when the titans sprint, because the movement is just hilarious! If not for feeling so scared who will die next, I would have laughed so hard!

Haye you seen the first two episodes yet? Thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

**All photos are screenshots, I do not own them or the rights to them.

Love, Sapphire


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