iZombie – Season 3 EP 1 Heaven Just Got A Little Bit Smoother & EP 2 Zombie knows best

Yeey, finally a fun TV show is back! I watched iZombie from the start, back in 2015 and I am really glad the third season is finally out! This is one of my guilty pleasure TV shows I like to watch just for the fun of it and it always delivers! The third season starts right where they left off and new players come to light. Will we see a zombie apocalypse this season?

So the show goes back to the last episode and starts exactly 2,8 minutes later! I have no idea why, but I find this soo funny! A new character, Vivian and her zombie soldiers are in the center and sort of control the whole situation – remember the Max Rager party where all hell broke loose? Well somebody needs to tie loose ends  or the world will find out about zombies way too  soon! I expected them to make a time jump here and go on, taking shots of memories back to this “party turns on killing spree”, but they showed how everything played out and it was a good thing, I have forgotten much about how the show ended.

iZombie, Season 3, Sapphire's Lair 2

iZombie, Season 3, Sapphire's Lair 5

Vivian gets a bit more screen time in the first episode, as she is someone new, intriguing. She herself is also a zombie and seems to be some sort of a leader, having other zombies best interests in mind. However, she is preparing for the so-called D Day. Wanting to protect zombies from humans, she may as well turn out to be a very dangerous opponent. She already expects that humans will not take it lightly to sharing the world with brain eating zombies and I think she is right, still she claims she is getting ready an army? So what’s up with that? Doesn’t sound like someone who wants to resolve stuff peacefully.

iZombie, Season 3, Sapphire's Lair 7

Major has some issues with the fact he was branded Chaos Killer. He is shown having issues in regular everyday life and at the end of episode we see him joining up Fillmore Graves, ending up working for Vivian. I guess he was pushed away by society too much, to maybe think twice about Vivian’s way of protecting zombies, but we will see how this plays out. It may serve as a future conflict between him and Liv, will see.

We also get a bit of the unexpected. We are shown a school for zombie kids, where Clive meets Wally, a kid he knows from before as they were neighbours. However, the sweet little zombie and his family end up brutally murdered, just because they were rumored to be zombies. I guess I was surprised they actually went for it and killed the whole family. They way they have handled the situation was really good, as this is always very sensitive topic – killing someone because of a rumor, a dangerous foreign someone in the midst of humans.

iZombie, Season 3, Sapphire's Lair 1

So the main three characters are all on one side – Liv, Major and Clive, supported by Ravi, Peyton and even Blaine. This is sort of rare, as half of the group are zombies and their interests are seldom on the same page. Speaking of Blaine, we get to see some storyline between him and Peyton, but this kinda felt out of place in the first episode. Blaine still can’t remember anything or maybe he’s just playing the amnesia card, so he seems very harmless and innocent at the moment. If he is really playing all of them, than he really is very good at it! Don E. is trying to get the money from Blaine, but he doesn’t seem to remember where he hid it. So Don E. is left with no choice and he tries to get some revenge, therefore stealing Blaine’s frozen dad and tries to defrost him. I am interested to see where this will go, in first two season they really involved Blaine and characters around him so well, I hope this won’t be like some weird side quest.

Ravi who is usually more on the cheery side seems very grumpy in the first episode. He is disappointed he couldn’t save Peyton from Boss’s men and Blaine did. He dislikes the fact Peyton seems to like Blaine, the cure doesn’t work as it should yet and he can’t help reverse the effect of memory loss, plus his ex boss shows up in his morgue. I guess they had to make him a bit more sulky than usual, to keep the balance of the first episode going and the feel of something dark approaching.

Anyway, meanwhile Liv is surviving only because she got to eat some soldier’s brains. Otherwise she would be a wreck as she actually just shot her boyfriend, as he was no longer resembling anything but a monster. As her cold soldiers brains start to wear off she shows signs, that she is not ok with her own actions even though they were for the greater good. I liked this part, they haven’t forgotten that she just killed her boyfriend and they decided not to show her like she doesn’t even think about it twice. This also gives a great opportunity to show her friendship with Clive, especially as he has just found out she was a zombie. I love the way the show presents friendships, especially male-female ones! No weird comments, it doesn’t have anything to do with the gender stereotypes or anything, they just show people being there for each other and actually caring for others well-being..

iZombie, Season 3, Sapphire's Lair 4

Episode two focuses more on Clive and the back story of how he met Wally and his mother. The priority is to find out who and why killed him and we get to see Clive and Liv working together, trying to get to the bottom of it all. The flashbacks help us understand why Clive is so emotionally involved and deepens the feeling of loss. It may also serve well in the future when Clive will eventually be forced to choose who he wants to protect – humans, zombies or both? The second episode really gives Clive some more screen time and a more serious note, something they have not really done so far and I am really happy they did! It also helps that he is finally in on the big secret and gets to be involved more, his decisions and thoughts have more impact now than before. We really get some good storytelling with the back story to relationships between  Clive, Wally and his mother, and the ending gives the cherry on the top – Anna,  Wally’s mom, decided not to stay in touch with Clive because of the fact they were zombies.

iZombie, Season 3, Sapphire's Lair

At the same time we get to see a classic case, the usual drill for the characters – a murder that needs to be solved. The car accident in which a father and his daughter die seemed just an accident first, but again it’s not just an accident, it was planned murder. The case wasn’t interesting at all and it wasn’t zombie related. I guess they wanted to give the viewers a sense of the usual stuff going on, but I am so much more interested in the whole zombie stuff, that the case just never felt convincing enough. The best part of the case was Liv eating fathers brains and Major getting high on teenage brains. This provided for some super funny moments and I wish Major would stay on teenage brains for the rest of the season! It was super funny! Actually, now that I think of it, it created a very big contrast with the serious note of Clive’s back story of how he met Anna and Wally and the relationship they had.

iZombie, Season 3, Sapphire's Lair 3

They don’t get much further in the case of Wally’s murder. It seems though there is a web page where people share informations about zombies and it’s spreading. They even go as far as giving out direct informations about where they live so this will surely prove even more troublesome in the future.

So the first episode left me intrigued and it was fun to watch! It seems we will get to know Vivian a lot more, there is definitely going to be some more killing in the future. Fillmore Graves will probably be in the center of it all and Liv with the gang will just have to fight it all, for both the humans and the zombies. Second episode kinda went back to the basics with some main story and a case on the side. I hope they will keep up the good work! The dark twists that await us seem delicious!

Have you seen the first two episodes yet? Hope you liked this short review! 😉

Thanks for reading!

**Photos are screenshots of the show, I do not own them or the rights to them.

Love, Sapphire


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