Attack On Titan – Season 2 EP 6 Warrior

Hello! Fresh thoughts and impressions right after watching the latest episode! We are half way done with season two and I must say I am a bit disappointed because of the slow pace! Nothing much happens overall in the six episodes, though we do get some major reveals! Episode 6 serves up some more titans in the most unusual way! I knew it, I was right, my suspicions have been confirmed – there were more titans right in the middle of Survey Corp! The betrayal is deep and makes me rethink a lot of the scenes from season 1!

Finally a bit more revealing episode! I was happy they decided to do the whole reveal scene as a whole episode and not just short scenes! We get a bit more background than just plain – hey, I’m a titan too! However, the ending of the episode was way too soon! I was screaming at the screen: “Hell no, wait, come back, show me, gimme me more!!!”. The episode moves away from Ymir and Christa, though we get to see them helping Ymir and caring for her, Christa explaining to Henge that  she is a friend to humanity and how she was selfless and helped them.  At that point we also get to hear Christa’s whole real name – Historia Reiss. We do get to know that she comes from a noble family, or better, we get a confirmation of it. It has not been explained yet why this is important but they are making a slow build up, so I guess they will connect her to the important families that run the system and the government. I guess she will have a key role in the future episodes, however I hope that her role and character will develop a bit more.

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 6 Worrior, Sapphire's Lair

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 6 Worrior, Sapphire's Lair 2

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 6 Worrior, Sapphire's Lair 3

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 6 Worrior, Sapphire's Lair 5

The main focus of the episode was connecting Annie, Reiner and Berthold. We get a super weird, calm and slow confession straight out of Reiner’s mouth that he is the Armored Titan and Berthold is the Colossal Titan. My reaction to this was a bit spoiled, because stupid me, I saw the scene on Facebook right before watching the episode! Still, I was very surprised. My first thought was – so, now we know why they haven’t looked surprised when Ymir changed into titan. They must have known about her or at least have some idea… The way Reiner delivers his speech, the tone he uses, the look on his face… I was like – damn, what do you expect will happen now? Did you not think it may not be that easy as to just ask Eren to come with you after you tell him who you really are? Eren looked not surprised, angry or scared, but seriously dumbfounded. The way they deliver this news is just cold and heartless, no dramatics to it at all. Just cold, hard facts. One of the biggest plot twists was revealed bluntly and directly and I was not expecting Reiner to just confess straight out and ask Eren to join him. Eren’s reaction here, his response may seem like he doesn’t believe him, like he’s in denial or something, but we quickly get to see the “12 hours before” part and we see how Henge connects the dots, Armin adding some more information that now reveal there were three titans among them all along. I think no one expected a full confession just yet. Also Reiner is shown as breaking down, falling apart, going mad maybe? For some reason he is struggling with both sides of him and with the pretense of being regular human. All he wants is to go back home, though we still don’t know where they came from and Bertolt is actually very surprised next to Reiner. He follows his lead though but doesn’t confirm anything or tries to stop Reiner from telling his secrets. There’s something fishy here.

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 6 Worrior, Sapphire's Lair 7

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 6 Worrior, Sapphire's Lair 8Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 6 Worrior, Sapphire's Lair 9

Before I could get enough of the dialog the anime decided to end with a cliffhanger! Mikasa tries to help Eren escape, but Reiner fights her off, he transformed and grabbed Eren. Than he goes into his titan form and the epic face down will have to wait until next week. Can’t wait to see Eren show those two what they deserve for trying to destroy mankind! I really hope next episode continues right where it ended – epic fight scene, please!

All in all, I am glad they finally made a bigger, bolder move  in storyline. Still, the show is just too slow for my liking, I would love some more action. I am really hoping the six episodes buildup and  all the back stories will result in some more fast paced episodes. We have only six more left…

Thanks for reading!

**Photos are screenshots of the anime, I do not own them or the rights to them.

Love, Sapphira


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