Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 8 The Hunters & EP 9 Opening

Hello! After a super action packed episode 7 follow two, calmer and steady but still pretty solid episodes – episode 8 The Hunters and episode 9 Opening.  Episode 8 offers a step back and we get to see some in-depth explanation about the relationship between Eren and Mikasa, as well as the major difference between Survey Corp and Military Police. Hoping episode 9 would move on and explain some more, we don’t really get any new informations. Also again, another non action based episode. They are not slow and boring though!

The episode picks up right after the fight where it seemed at first that Eren bested Reiner. Well as it happens Bertolt collapses on top of them and gets away with Ymir while Reiner bits Eren out of his titan form. They take off and the Survey Corp are left hurt and well behind.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 1

As for Mikasa and Eren we finally get to see why she is so connected to Eren, though what we do see is that it goes back to the time when they were just kids. Still not exactly an explanation why she was so close to him in the first place. Or any further explanation how this might be important in the future episodes. Along with Mikasa was also always present Armin. Eren is presented as an explosive young boy that liked to get into fights, though he couldn’t really fight them and always ended up getting help from Mikasa. Mikasa was always cleaning up after him and helping him get out of trouble. Armin was always the smartest from the trio or at least that’s how it would seem. Also the most responsible one.  It was super nice seeing Eren being protective of his friends, in this case Armin. The scene shows Eren getting in trouble with Hannes and we see the difference between the Survey Corp and Military Police. Some of them are willing to trade their freedom for the safety and see it as a small price to pay.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 2

Considering the fandom that likes to play canon games, I have to say I never really saw anything between the three aside from deep and healthy friendship. The immense loyalty that Mikasa shows Eren had me wondering at times, but not until episode 8, that I ever thought she might be somehow a bit in love with Eren. She doesn’t seem pushy or romantic at all, though she is hellbent on making sure he is safe. I love their relationship just as they have presented it – very deep, long lasting and loyal, still not romanticized at all.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 3

The Military Police are in the flashback scene and also later presented as total idiots and complete assholes at that. The contrast between them, safe and sound behind city walls and Survey Corp, risking their lives fighting titans is just too sharp. Also the mocking they show and disrespect as there were no Titans close for them to see and fight was just too realistic – if you think of the soldiers risking their lives for others and those others reacting like it was nothing. Levi however should have given them a more stern response, that was just too nice of him.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 4

Eren should be really flattered as an entire legion was sent after him to save him. We don’t get to see much of the situation in episode 8, but in 9 we do get more information. We get to see that they are in the forest that is full of titans. Reiner is shown as a mad man, loosing his mind and losing the ability to see what is right and what not, what he was sent to do and what he ended up doing. But we still don’t get to see if and how they will save Eren.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 14

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 12

Special scenes  were when Mikasa and Armin ate their crackers and the intensity of that eating was actually hilarious to watch. Also seeing Eren loosing both of his hands and the smoke coming off of them. I wondered how long does it take for him to regenerate? Also Mikasa in episode 8 is shown as a very strong little girl. So that makes me wonder, is she by chance also a secret titan?


Episode 9 sets a super slow pace to the anime. I can’t believe the way they slowed everything and how they try to stall and not tell us anything. I am guessing there will be an explosive ending to the anime? And all of this serves as a slow build up? We get to see the Survey Corp finally getting ready and heading after Eren and Ymir. The scene doesn’t really give as any clues or answers, they feel more like fillers. Henge is shown trying to overcome her pain and continue searching for answers and explanations about the titans. She repeats the same thing it both episodes – that she believes in Eren and that he is much tougher than everyone (Mikasa) thinks. If she will actually gets any answers about titans remains yet to be seen.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 13

The four titan shifter sitting  in the tree are having a slow but at moments slightly heated conversation. It looks more like a business deal gone sour than a hostage situation. They are in a forest full of titans which means that Eren even if he changes into one can not escape as he will be defeated.  There are smaller titans but two larger ones as well, watching them and not moving at all. Kinda creepy, if you ask me. I was wondering if they were somehow communicating between themselves. The whole episode 9 is mostly seeing the four – Eren, Ymir, Bertolt and Reiner sitting on the high massive branches and talking. The two titans wanted to take Ymir and Eren to their hometown and they have mentions it before, but we get nothing more on that yet. So I have no idea where that is and if that place has something to do with how Eren became a titan shifter as well. It is obvious though that Bertolt and Reiner are not from inside the Wall, or they would have cared in case their own people would have been killed. Ymir is asking about the monkey, the Beast titan but gets no answers. She has obviously puzzled out that he is responsible for the titan shifters to change inside the walls and cause trouble, so he must be some sort of leader. She also noticed how the duo looked at him at the tower, a couple of episodes back. It seems like Bertolt and Reiner are a part of another larger group that is somehow at war with the one living behind walls. I hope to see some more on this topic before the season ends. Somehow I am doubtful that they’ll finally give some more answers.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 8

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 7

As a big fan of spoilers and as I can not stop myself from reading stuff on social media, I spotted that in manga the people living behind walls are not the last of the humanity at all. They are in fact surrounded by healthy and thriving people but they don’t know that. Somehow they don’t know about it and believe that outside those walls are only titans and nothing more. I was actually thinking that they may have been some sort of sick massive experiment? Will see, but I really should start reading the manga as well.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 10

The most interesting part of the episode was actually Reiner’s mental breakdown. Ymir got it all figured out and we see him babbling how he deserves to be rewarded for his suffering. Bertolt looks sick and uncomfortable while Reiner rambles on. It is obvious that he has seen Reiner like that before and that he knows he is unwell. The years he spent inside the walls he couldn’t cope otherwise than convince himself he was a soldier, not a warrior and that he was on the side of humanity. Therefore his personality sort of split in half as he was unable to survive the onslaught of emotions. Bertolt has stayed cool and neutral, so I expect him to be the more dangerous foe from the two.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Sapphire's Lair 9

As Ymir is trying to explain to Eren that the Beast titan must be the bigger problem here and that there are worse opponents than Colossal and Armored titan, Reiner stops her and starts bribing her with Christa. Telling her, promising her that she would be kept safe if Ymir joined them. What is her life worth if Christa is not safe.. I am still not clear on why, just why is Ymir so set on protecting that girl?

More questions, no answers. The best way to describe the last two episodes. They weren’t boring, but they felt more like some fillers. Like they didn’t know what to do and just made up something, though I am still hoping that the ending will have more action and also serve up some answers. Three more episodes to go!

Have you seen the latest two episodes? Thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

**Photos are screenshots of the anime. I do not own them or the rights to them.

Love, Sapphire


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