Attack On Titan Season 2 EP 10 – Children

Hello! The last quarter of the season has started with a very revealing episode 10, called Children. At first I wasn’t very pleased with another back story taking up the majority of the 20 minutes time frame, but all in all, story wise this was one of the best episodes of the season so far! Check out the new reveals!

Episode starts back at Connie’s home village. Scouts get to the house that was supposed to be owned by his parents and they see the half formed titan still on top of the house. They ask themselves the same questions that we all have already been wondering? Where is everyone, why are there no bodies, no blood? If everyone evacuated than why no one took their horses, it’s not likely they ran away on foot. I am guessing Beast titan came along and awoken the dormant titan side of those people. And well, Connie’s mom didn’t make it.

The confirmation that there are more people who can transform into titans comes from the flashback of Ymir when she was young. We get to see a girl hurt and pushed off the wall, turning into titan form before falling. It seemed like they were banishing them. I guess we can all assume now that titans were truly man-made and it would make more sense than them being a separate species that evolved on their own.  The conspiracy theories that were present before are almost confirmed now – this is man against man. People inside the walls fighting an invisible war with the ones on the other side. The titans now seem more like collateral damage and a product to wage war with. I guess the anime will get a lot more realistic from this point on as men killing men is all present in the real world. The future looks sickening and grim. Still, I look forward to it and want to see where the story goes.

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 10 Children, Sapphire's Lair 3

After the village scene we get back into the forest and get some more quality time with the four titan shifters. Bertolt and Reiner discuss leaving the forest as soon as possible. They also get into talking about Annie and Reiner telling the other titan to give it a go and confess his crush. This got me confused, I usually spot these kind of things as soon as they start happening. I don’t remember Bertolt eyeing Annie. I don’t know why this bothers me more than the whole titan origin reveal. Eren tries to fight off Reiner, but is still recovering, so nothing really happens. He actually looks like an angry kitten.

Also what’s with Eren being Coordinate? I have no idea what this is, did I miss something in the previous episodes?

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 10 Children, Sapphire's Lair 4

Finally starting their run away from other titans and Survey Corp, Ymir has problems with letting Christa behind. She even threatens Bertolt and Reiner, but in the end convinces them and turns into titan form. She runs back and waits for the Survey Corp to catch up. Everyone still considers her an ally, which is in a way heartwarming, until they see her gulping down Christa and running away. She didn’t really eat her, dummies!

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 10 Children, Sapphire's Lair 5

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 10 Children, Sapphire's Lair 6

As mentioned the episode goes back in time again and focuses on Ymir. We have gotten the back story of how she met Christa and how they formed a relationship, but not much about Ymir herself. Where is she from, what happened to her, what are her motives to act the way she does. But I think this episode really delivers! We get much more than we bargained for! We get to see Ymir as a child, being chosen and dragged off into the middle of some sort of weird cult. Also, Ymir isn’t her real name but given to her upon becoming the cult figurehead. The cult is not much explained but it seems like they are all titans and in a way hiding from other people. They worship some king or at least the ones with the king’s blood, but we don’t get to know much more.

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 10 Children, Sapphire's Lair 7

We do get more in-depth glimpse into why Ymir is, well, Ymir-ish. She is presented as victim of time and place she ended up at. The circumstances were the reason why she is today the way she is, she never resisted them and accepted the lies that were imposed upon her. In a way she is presented as a weak person who really just fed of being adored and center of the attention but she just wanted to belong. She never wanted to lie to herself and go with everything that happened to her, but it was the only way to survive at that time. She convinced herself that she never had a choice and it worked for a time. This way we can see why she is so attached to Christa. She was the first one to really accept her for who she was as a person, with all the flaws and lies. Nothing is ever said out loud, but the way she wants to protect Christa and be with her goes beyond just being two god friends. Romantic love or not, this is most definitely going to be important relationship in the future episodes. Also, I wonder if Christa is also a titan shifter?

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 10 Children, Sapphire's Lair 8

We still don’t know where Ymir is from, but we get  a glimpse at it. It seems very similar to the life we got to see inside the Walls. Also after being thrown off the wall with other cult members she is seen running of in her titan form and laying down, falling asleep for probably a couple of decades, until dirt covered her and she was no longer visible. When she wakes up it happens to be right about the time that Annie, Bertolt and Reiner set camp nearby.  She ended up eating their friend, Marcel, but she has no memory of doing that. However, what’s interesting is that after she ate him she changed back into human form and somehow became a titan shifter? Or she was all along? I am thinking Titans can become shifters by eating another titan shifter when they are in the human form – in this case Marcel. What I don’t get is why the other three ran away instead of fighting? They are a group of four titan shifters, why not just kill one lone covered in dirt and sleepy titan? Also, if this theory holds, than who did Eren eat or what if this doesn’t apply to him and he was already made like that?

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 10 Children, Sapphire's Lair 9

Also, food for thought. If all titans are actually humans, some of them shifters some just mindless creatures after turning, did Survey Corp ended up killing their own family members and friends? Are they saviours or mass murderers? Eating another human in titan form counts as cannibalism or not?

Oh man, this rescuing part will take up 4 episodes, am I right?

Attack On Titan, Season 2, Episode 10 Children, Sapphire's Lair 1

Your thoughts on the latest episode? Where will these latest reveals lead us?

Thanks for reading!

**Photos are screenshots of the anime. I do not own them or the rights to them.

Love, Sapphire


3 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 EP 10 – Children

  1. I don’t think you missed something, I think they just dropped that Coordinate thing in and left it hanging so I’m hoping someone bothers to explain it before the end of this season but I’m not holding my breath.

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  2. Rocco B

    “I am thinking Titans can become shifters by eating another titan shifter when they are in the human form”

    Without spoiling – you’re on the right track. So good observation. Regarding Eren – same rules apply. As to who it is, am not saying for spoiler reasons. I do have confidence that you might be able to work it out though *hint* think back to S1. Good blog by the way, keep up the posts! :D.

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