Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 11 Charge

Hey there! Can’t wait for the season to end because it’s boring or can’t wait for the final episode, because you hope they will finally deliver some answers? Don’t hold your breath though, so far the answers have been sparse and repeating at best. Either way, here are my thoughts on episode 11. 

Why I’m lacking the usual enthusiasm while writing this post? Mostly because I’m tired, I have a lot of unfinished work, but I promised to myself I’ll review this anime to the end no matter what. Also, because the episode left me feeling a bit meh. I sat dawn for this review a couple of days later after watching the episode and I can barely remember what happened. Hmm.. a sign I didn’t pay enough attention or that it just wasn’t that important?

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair

The episode picks up right where it left off in episode 10, Survey scouts and Military police together trying to rescue Eren and Ymir. If you read my previous posts you know I mentioned the differences between the two lines of soldiers and how different their lives really are. This episode definitely played that up really well!

Ymir’s second name should be Enigma

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair 8

I’ll just go with the flow of the episode, so starting with Ymir sort of eating/kidnapping Christa/Historia. These two have some serious unresolved issues! I am still waiting to see why so much of the season has been wasted on developing their relationship and explaining their history. I also don’t really get the logic behind Ymir decisions, though that may be because there is none. Again we get a glimpse back to where they mention Historia’s family and that is somehow relevant and important. Though no answers were given why. So I don’t really get why we should care what happens to these two and why it matters to Bertholt and Reiner. It must have something to do with the priests, Historia’s family, the walls and the secret behind it all, but that’s just common knowledge by now. Is Ymir really taking Historia with her just because she could potentially gain some leverage in the political/social aspect or is it a mix with the fact that she really cares for her? See what I mean? More fucking questions, zero answers.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair 11

Although so much focus during season 2 has been directed towards Ymir, I still have no idea how to describe her. She seems fierce, determined, emotional towards Historia, somewhat like a soldier… As for going back to get Historia and running away with her, that doesn’t really make much sense in regard that she wants to protect her. I would have done quite the opposite. Push her as far away from the danger as possible, not bring her along with Reiner and Bertholt. Pretending she has everything under control didn’t fool anyone and that – “Please save me!”-  just proves that she needs to decide what she wants. Keep Historia safe, be with her or not… I guess maybe next season we’ll get to see how this plays out.

There was a comical moment in all of that. Ymir trying to explain to Historia that life outside the walls will be better and all. And her response was yeah, like I will have time for that after titans eat me. Ymir’s next line cracked me up – “Everyone has at least one or two faults!” Yeah right, eating people is just a bad habit, nothing to worry about. XD

Don’t enrage Mikasa or live to regret it

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair 7

I have to admit that whenever Mikasa comes into play there are some awesome action scenes. I love them, but I would prefer if they included her more this season. Now it seems she is only good for being Eren’s body-guard. From the start of the episode it is evident that she no longer cares who is in her way and she will get Eren back if she has to kill everyone in the whole world. I admire that kind of dedication, though it makes me wonder if it is just that or maybe she also has some other motive (highly doubt it, but still my mind wonders). From the start she is threatening everyone who will stand in the way of saving Eren and that doesn’t change in the chilling conversation she has with Historia. No matter who comes between her and Eren, not even her fellow comrade, can persuade her to stop her blazing rage.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair 14

While Mikasa is trying with threats, other scouts join her. They talk to Bertholt and try to make him release Eren, but he doesn’t give up. I think it’s actually Connie that makes him crack a bit, with asking him if all they went through together, all the promises they made were just lies. We get to witness the Colossal titan breakdown and see that he is not just a cold blooded killer and enemy to humanity. He is just a person and he doesn’t really want any of this.. so then why do it? Whatever that other side he is on must be damn convincing to make him commit all those atrocities.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair 1

Fearless Erwin

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair 3

Erwin is along with Levi one of the best commanders in Attack On Titan. He had to think of a way how to stop Reiner and he did, a bit too effectively. He led a horde of titans towards them as he knew the two titans will protect Eren, as they need him alive and unharmed. He also knew there was no other way to actually get him to stop and pry Eren away. The way he got snatched by some nameless titan was quite a shock, he obviously didn’t see that one sneaking up on him. The true Erwin revealed as he, even while being in the titans jaws, screamed command to the others. That takes some true focus and courage! Not only that – he survived, escaped those threatening jaws and cut Eren loose from Bertholt’s back. No idea how he managed to get in front of the Armored titan though.

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair 2

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin, Season 2, Episode 11, Sapphire's Lair 5

Hidden savage beast inside Armin

Saved the best part for the end, as I do! Armin has a secret malicious beast inside him. Even though Mikasa’s conversation with Historia was cold, this one was one step further. Not just threats but intentional, manipulative speech directed at Bertholt and Reiner, to play up on their emotions for Annie. The way he talked, described what happened to her in detail was so sick and also so satisfying to watch, I am actually questioning my own evil spark. His tactic was effective though, he got Bertholt to make a huge mistake and Eren was finally cut loose.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the episode. I just don’t really feel like this one gave me anything I wanted to see or any answers. I liked the action part, Mikasa going into protective overdrive, Armin’s dark side and Erwin’s action scene, though the rest just didn’t fit anywhere if you ask me. I have kinda lost all hope I will get anything answered in the season finale. Though I appreciate the amount of energy that went into this show, the details they go into are simply impressive. Have you seen those clouds? Whoever is responsible for them should get a special prize, because they are surreal!

Have you seen the latest episode? Thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

**Photos are screenshots of the anime. I do not own them or the rights to them.


Love, Sapphire



2 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 – EP 11 Charge

  1. ” I just don’t really feel like this one gave me anything I wanted to see or any answers.” – This I have to agree with. There was great action in the episode but given we’re now two seasons in and still actually know pretty much nothing, I’m getting kind of sick of waiting for some sort of answer to any of the mysteries they’ve touched on. I’m not really happy to sit and watch sensationalised fight sequences when there seems so little point for some of the character’s actions. If they explained something this season, it would have been worth it, but instead we have more questions and no answers in sight.


    1. Exactly! I agree and I am actually not expecting any major reveals in the season finale. Too bad though, I really hoped the last couple of episodes would at least give us something more. I hope for a good action scene, that I am sure they will deliver. 🙂

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