Summer TV shows on my watchlist!

Hey there! So I kinda promised this blog won’t be all anime. Though I have to admit, I love writing about anime and then I sort of lack more time to do anything else around here. This post however was a must for me! I was usually very sad that my favourite TV shows ended in May and there was nothing worth watching during summer. The last couple of years though delivered some amazing shows that actually start in May or June! So check out what I’ll be watching this summer!

12 Monkeys

Ok, I know this one is already out, but I haven’t managed to watch it yet. What I like about this one? Well, at first it reminded me of the movie I watched as a kid,  same title. The movie is from 1995 with Bruce Willis in the main role. I liked it and the story, concept intrigued me. The TV show aired in 2015 and season three is already out! At first I loved the show, than it got messy and I didn’t really get it. When they finally started giving us some more answers about the red forest, the Witness, the whole time travel and preventing epidemic that wipes out human race – then it got really interesting. Also the romance between James Cole and dr. Cassandra Railly is good, not forced, dramatic and emotional. Loved this show so far, season three includes 10 episodes and they better be good!



This is my guilty pleasure TV show that I will not give up. Season two started right after New Years and I started watching it but couldn’t keep up. I’ve got a lot to catch up on! The show first attracted me because of the supernatural and fantasy world, combining action and romance.  I loved the whole demon hunters vibe and the movie from 2013, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, was good too. A bit cliché and teen-ish for me, but still ok. I gave the show a go as well, as many friends recommended as well.. I am not disappointed. Though I wish Clary was played by someone else, the rest of the show is still good! I’m really interested with where they will go with all the angels and fight against Valentine. I hope for some epic battle scenes, but that all depends on how much money they have at their disposal. The second season will count 20 episodes and season three seems to be already confirmed!



One of the more recent shows is Stitchers. Coming out in 2015 it already started airing season three at the beginning of June. The story follows young Kirsten who was experimented on as a young girl, making her unique to operate a special device that can help read and see a dead person’s last moments. Yeah, yeah, I know, it sounds a bit over the top and stupid, but the whole show is not that bad at all! In search for answers she joins a secret government agency and helps them out with extreme cases. There are a lot of holes in the story here, but I don’t let that spoil my fun. It’s a cozy mix of drama, crime and sci-fi with some romantic additions.


Dark Matter

I guess year 2015 was good for me as I got to discover some pretty amazing stuff. Another super cool TV show that I must watch, and have in fact already seen the first two episodes, is Dark Matter. A combination of drama, sci-fi and thriller it captivates me with space ships and intergalactic travel! I can not describe how hyped I am for this show and the next one I am about to mention! There is something about space that always looks cheap and disappointing in such TV shows, but this one delivers  big! It’s basically a story that follows six people who wake up on the same spaceship. They have lost all memories and have no idea where to go or what to do. We soon learn they are all ex cons or some sort of villains, but without the memories of their evil doing, they start a new path. Things get complicated and action filled! That’s all I’m gonna spoil here for you, you need to check this one!



Alright, in the spirit of universe and space travels, here comes another TV show, that also started in 2015 and will showcase season 3 this June! If Dark Matter has some more dark vibe and serious set of tone, this one is a lot more fun. Drinking, gambling, collecting bounties – what more do you want? The Quad, planetary system that is on the verge of a bloody interplanetary class war, the trio – Dutch, John and D’avin try to survive, escape and move forward. Along the way they try to help others and season two ended very badly, if you ask me. Some serious shit is about to go down this season, but I can’t spoil too much! Their ship Lucy is the best, I would love to have ship a like that. Also, have you seen the style design of the intro? Some serious comic book vibes! XD



From the previous ones mentioned it is obvious I am loving some fun, fast paced stories, filled with fantasy, sci-fi and action. So Preacher kinda stands out of this bunch, but hey – it’s got some supernatural vibes. The show aired in 2016 and is coming back this year with season 2. It’s a mix of an ex delinquent turning a preacher, a vampire hiding in a church, Ruth the ruthless and a special little snowflake called Genesis. It’s a fun, adventure based drama series, that has a special vibe as it’s set in the middle of nowhere (Annville, Texas). It’s an adaptation of the comic books Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon and published by DC Comics’ Vertigo. Unlike Daredevil that everyone had something to say about, this one seems oddly ignored. The black humor of the show is simply amazing and I definitely recommend this to everyone. If none of the above mentioned TV shows seems interesting to you, then try this. This is gold!


Have you seen any of these shows? Do you like them/hate them? Let me know what is on your summer TV watchlist!

Have fun and thanks for reading!


Love, Sapphire


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