Welcome to my blog!

My name is Polona and I’m a twenty-something blogger from Slovenia. I started blogging back in 2012 and I still keep up and write blog posts on my first blog, UniqaPoly. Since that one is mostly just about beauty and cosmetics I have been toying with the idea to start a new blog, a different blog, a more “me” blog. I wanted to write and talk about things I do on a daily basis, besides trying out new stuff makeup wise. So here we are, finally, a new blog, dedicated to everything else that interests me. So what topics can you expect here? I plan to share with you favourite books, TV shows, movies, anime and mangas, concerts, festivals, albums, games and board games. I might even add some theater or traveling, depends if I will have anything interesting to share.


My personal preferences are fantasy and fiction world, authors like Robert Jordan, Tolkien, Robin Hobb, … Music-wise I prefer metal, rock and classic music (classic more in the sense of film music). In terms of movies and TV shows I like fantasy worlds, superheroes, a combination of drama, horror, mystery, crime. Therefore, most of the blog posts will be about such topics. As this is a more personal blog and I plan to share my likes and dislikes, thoughts and musings, I will post as regularly as possible for me.

Hope you enjoy your stay!